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BOBO´s KINDER-CLUB in Werfenweng

Every winter season BOBO the penguin visits our SKISCHOOL PRO in Werfenweng
Every winter season BOBO the penguin visits our SKISCHOOL PRO in Werfenweng

Bobo knows what kids need.

The children's ski schools, which work with BOBO the Penguin, make it their business to communicate the joy of skiing to children with the help of current know-how, high teaching standards and unparalleled safety.


1. Little KINDER-CLUB® philosophy

The world of snow is the most beautiful playground created by nature for your children. Everything that children learn when skiing is down to their own hard work. KINDER-CLUBs® can do no more than set an example and pass on a few secrets.

Kids learn from others and are themselves teachers for other children. There’s nothing quite like the energy of a bustling little band of rascals. The only proof of success is the satisfaction experienced by the children. It’s a wonderful feeling to push the limits of your skills. And everyone decides for themselves where those limits lie. There’s no greater sign of trust on the part of parents than the permission to look after their children. But trust also means letting go. Children want to learn and amaze you with their skills.

2. BOBO the Penguin

In the KINDER-CLUB®, every child will immediately gain a new friend… Otherwise known as BOBO the Penguin, our much-loved mascot. BOBO the Penguin is the byword for creativity, child-centred psychology and lots of fun - a real pal in the world of snow. From the warm-up with the BOBO Boogie right through to the Penguin award ceremony after the final race, BOBO the Penguin will be right by your side. And if your children suddenly start speaking in penguin flipper language, then BOBO the Penguin is surely behind it.

3. KINDER-CLUB® ski instructors

BOBO's KINDER-CLUB® is there to delight your children. Here, ski instructor is just a generic term for the new sports friends of your little ones who all have the ideal training to work with children. Social skills instead of common-or-garden pedagogy. Your children will learn to ski in line with the ski school curriculum of the ski associations, based of course on state-of-the-art findings from sports medicine.

The Bobo song

4. KINDER-CLUB® site

KINDER-CLUB® ski schools operate according to state-of-the-art safety standards. Special training for our staff and the child-friendly design of the site guarantee the highest level of risk control. With the help of name badges, standardised staff clothing and symbol boards, even children who don’t know the area will find their way easily. You can’t miss a KINDER-CLUB®. Technical equipment and materials are state of the art. But neither brands nor fashion are what matter to us. Sports equipment and gear are just aids intended to assist your children.




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Bobo Kinder-Club
Bobo Kinder-Club