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Frequently Asked Questions

The ski school team

How big is the group?

Group courses are offered for 4 persons or more. The usual maximum number for a group is 10.


Is the ski/snowboarding equipment included in the price?

No, ski, snowboard hire etc. is an extra expense.

A large ski and snowboard rental shop is to be found next to the Ikarus valley station. (SPORT 2000 BRANDSTÄTTER)


Do we need a lift pass or is it included in the course price?

Ski passes are not included in the course price.

All advanced skiers need a lift pass from the start (at the point of division into groups).

Beginners can also get a pass later, since the first exercises do not require the use of public ski lifts.

CHILDREN up to 6 ski free of charge and do NOT need a pass!


What happens if my child doesn’t want to carry on with the ski course?

If you’re in doubt, we offer the option of just booking a trial day.

If your child likes it, the cost will be offset when you extend the course.

This is strongly recommended for 4 year olds!


Where do I pick up my child at the end of the course?

In general, the ski course ends where it starts, in the Bobo Park.


Will our children be supervised during the lunch break?

Lunchtime childcare is included in the course price. The children go to lunch with the instructors and are supervised. If you want to pick up your child at lunch, you can arrange a meeting point with the instructor. Lunch is from 11.45am to 1pm. For lunch, you can either redeem a lunch voucher for € 7.00 or just give your child some money.


Can we go in a group together?

If your skills are about the same, no problem.

However, we attach great importance to separating children and adults because the lessons are designed differently. But if two people of different skill levels want to stay together in a group, the quicker of them will have to go at the pace of the slower.


What happens if I get sick?

Your money will of course be reimbursed once you present a medical certificate.